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23 August 2018

OTİAD members, who focus on the production of high value added products, want to have a larger share of the EU market of about $ 150 billion.


İSTANBUL – Osmanbey Textile Business People Association (OTİAD) Chairman Rıdvan Kandağ said that they aimed to grow in a sustainable way with the motto “we are one” in the new administration. Kandag said, “This constitutes the first steps of institutional work.” Recalling that they wanted to make a decision about the solution of the necessity and priorities in order to be able to produce our customers. Turkey is ready in the clothing area of ​​the total exports to the European Union countries was 10.4 billion dollars, pointing Kandağ “We have done an analysis of countries that apparel imports in Europe. In total there is a market of $ 255.9 billion. We went to specialize in fabric category, men’s and women’s apparel producers category, children’s apparel products category, apparel side products category and foreign trade companies category in ourselves in order to be more active in this market. Referring to the fact that the problems that have emerged with specialization in the way that the committees have been operating in a mixed way previously have been discussed in more detail, Kandağ said, “The purpose of this is to magnify the problems of the characteristic categories”.

10 percent growth expected at the end of the year

Kandag stated that they are active with a total of 719 members and their potential is close to 3 in Hinterland. “In 2017, approximately 1.5 billion dollars of exports were made in Osmanbey. 40 percent of our exports are EU countries. In the first 5 months of 2018, there is a growth of 6 percent in total compared to the figure of around 700 million dollars. At the end of the year, we are predicting a 10 percent growth “. Explaining that they are analyzing the importing countries in the EU region for increasing exports, Kandağ said, “For example Germany is importing 34 billion dollars of ready-to-wear clothing. This slice of our production by establishing that Turkey’s exports to Germany and Osmanbey looking at what products get most of these countries will redirect to that area. So we will increase our share in the market by focusing on the production of what we sell. ” How about doing the export figures and studies on a category management every two months over which products will be developed with Kandağ, Turkey’s total apparel exports of $ 17 billion, he said.

Fashionist welcomed 75 thousand visitors in 4 years

Kandağ, who regularly organized the Fashionist fair, which has been organized since 2013 mainly in the abiye, bridal and grooming categories, has organized itself as OTİAD and said that they agreed with CNR Expo Istanbul Expo Center this year that the fair was held in Lütfi Kırdar this year.

“We will raise 30 dollars per kilo.”

Kandag noted that the fuara made 75 thousand visitors in total in four years, “We also brought 2 thousand 100 professional purchasing delegations. We aim to host around 700 procurement delegations this year and aim at 15 thousand visitors. ” Kandag stated that they will emphasize the fuarda abiye categoris to be organized. “Kandağ will emphasize the high value added of abiye, export value per kilogram per garment exports is about 20 dollars. We are planning to move the average export per kilogram to the level of $ 30 with the momentum to be caught in the field of umbrellas. “


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