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23 August 2018

Rıdvan Kandağ, Chairman of OTİAD’s new Board of Directors, stated that the textile sector will be an export target of $ 1.5 billion in 2019 and is ready for this target.

Istanbul Osmanbey export targets known as the heart of the fashion and textile sector in Turkey has grown. Osmanbey Textile Businessmen’s Association (OTİAD) new Chairman Rıdvan Kandağ said that the sector was prepared with the export target of 1.5 billion dollars in 2019 and said that they gave great importance to Fashioist Wedding Dress and Abiye Fair which will be held on December 4th. Speaking to representatives of the sector during the street iftarlara OTİAD’in traditional OTİAD President Rıdvan Kandag, Textile sector, said that the export is locomotives. Kandağ stated that with the new administration, 2018 export targets will be revised and they will carry out an intensive campaign to exceed the 1.5 billion dollar target, “Osmanbey did not come easy today, if we hit the stamp of Turkish Property proudly with the experience we have gained in the quarter century production process, we have obtained from the inexorable competition we have given with the world’s most established fashion giants. I have experiences. ”

Fashionist wants to crown the acceleration they have caught with export records in 2019

Osmanbey has a well-established place both at home and abroad, indicating that Osmanbey has many years of experience, design strength and production quality in the ready-to-wear and textile sectors and OTiAD has a new breakthrough excitement both before and after the Fashionist Fair. It will be reflected in export figures after the fashionist, “he spoke. “We are expecting the participation of at least 15 thousand professional buyers this year in the 3-day fuir, and we are aiming for the export figures of 1.5 billion dollars to advance towards the $ 2 billion target,” Kandag said. Explaining that they have got serious opportunities to open up new markets, Kandağ noted that they want to crown the acceleration they have caught with OTİAD Fashionist with their export records in 2019.


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